Posted on Dec 1, 2017

AStudion Consulting


I am so happy that I already helped two clients to streamline some of their works!!

They are from Bank and Insurance fields.
To keep them productive, they loaded their clients detail into mobile phones. Tons of photocopy IC and documents.

One day…
Manager: "Can you send'Tan Ah Beng' IC "
Stella: "Roger that, Boss!"

And next thing, you know, poor Stella have to eyeball and check every photo in the phone to identify Ah Beng!... That's tiring and NOT PRODUCTIVE!

These days, #GoogleKeep helps us keep our notes in much efficient ways! You just have to type "Ah BENG" in search bar and it will return the photocopy IC for Ah Beng!

Phew-Yo!! Are you eyeball search? Let's Transform your business process today! Save time for your love one!

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